Winter Street Style of NYC

The fascination with street style in New York City is as old as the first episodes of Sex and the City. It was so impressive to see Carry living the life in the Big Apple and her eclectic choice of clothing and accessories. It completely changed the way people saw street fashion and we were all in awe of the incredible life of the chosen ones. And then the street style bloggers came adding, even more, spice to the mix.

But aside from the famous and fabulous people that we saw on the cover of glossy magazines, the New York street style is amazing to witness in its day to day life too.

This week, just take some time off and walk around the city without any other purpose but to immerse yourself in the variety of fashion styles preferred by women of New York. You will be just as amazed as I was and so happy to be a part of it!

For this season, the key is layering, color contrasts and functional combination of casual style with formal elements.

New York will embrace you showing off a multitude of capes, ponchos, cardigans and trench coats, fabulous outwear clothing with modern touches of stripes, leather, and even featuring sporty elements. From the outfits on the streets, we can see clearly that the fashion brands have managed to offer us comfortable, stylish and elegant outwear to cater for all tastes and personality types. It is impossible not to fall completely and utterly in the with the winter street fashion style of New York City!
Kim Kardashian NYC Street Style
If you don’t have the time to take a trip on the streets of New York looking for some winter fashion inspiration, it’s okay, we have done it for you and prepared a few style ideas that will suit any body shape and height. You will certainly be able to create a remarkable outfit choosing any of these clothing ideas. As you already know, the fashion trends are not meant to stay on the catwalks, but to be followed closely by the street fashion. More than this, street fashion has a unique ability to select trends and only take to the streets the ones that are awesome or versatile enough to be translated into our daily wear. So, even more than the fashion shows, the street style is the true indicator of what you should wear this season and what should be left in the closet for another time.

So, if fashion in New York is your thing, you will be happy to know that this winter a beige cardigan with tinsel on the shoulders is very fashionable. Wear it with a white top and ripped or distressed jeans. If you are more into the office style, a pastel blue jacket with navy skinny jeans is just as fabulous. Always remember to accessorize: we love the high heels in bright colors and the shopper bags, as well as the fabulous leather jewelry. If minimalism is your word of the day, a black office jacket with a gray blouse and capri pants is a good option for this season. And if you are into leather, a pair of black leather pants with a gray turtleneck and a beige blazer will be perfect for New York streets.

Whatever your choice of style might be, New York City is sure to provide you with enough fashion inspiration!


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