Three Rules To Wearing Jewelery

Three Rules to Wearing Jewelry

The jewelry we wear can become the salt and pepper of our outfits or they can completely ruin it. It makes a tremendous difference how you choose and wear your jewelry items, and the most important factor to consider is, as always, your personality.

The world famous fashion icon and designer Coco Chanel used to say that before leaving the house you should take off an accessory. If however, we were to follow another fashion icon, Iris Apfel, then we would need to add not just one, but several more accessories  before getting on our way. So if you are on the minimalist side, a necklace or a watch will be more than enough for you. But if you are a true believer that “more is more”, then don’t worry, you can wear all sort of prints and adorn your wrists, neck, and ears with the most beautiful jewelry pieces. Remember that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are the first person to set eyes on yourself!

But whatever your personal style might be, if you want to create modern outfits in a stylish manner that will talk about your great fashion taste, there are however a few general rules to take into consideration when accessorizing your outfits with your favorite jewelry items.


Three Rules to follow when choosing what jewelry to wear:

  1. Focus on one, maximum two areas of interest

To avoid looking like a Christmas tree, you should only wear jewelry on two areas of your body, preferably quite distanced from each other. For example, you can wear accessories around your neck and wrists, ears and fingers, waist and cleavage. If you have a taste for big statement earrings, it is recommended not to wear a necklace too, or, at least, choose something that’s barely visible if you must. But you can also add a ring with an impressive, intricate design or a spectacular stone. Multiple layers of bracelets would also be an interesting and stylish choice.


  1. Texture and material: mix and match

A classic option would be to wear just one metal at a time, but we are living in uncharted times for fashion, and a little adventure can only add to your personal charm! If you aim for an eclectic mix of jewelry, you can easily achieve that considering a few tips and tricks.  For example, you can mix different metals, but in uneven proportions, never half/ half. The main idea is that one metal needs to dominate the scene, and the other comes to help with that. Another tip would be only to associate jewelry items with the same texture: don’t mix and match shiny with vintage or tarnished.

Again, the focus point must be clear, and all the other elements will serve around it, only to emphasize its beauty. For example, if you are choosing one of the Terrence Michael Signature Necklaces in brown, you can also wear a ladies’ watch with a brown bracelet.

At the same time, consider a theme every time you are accessorizing an outfit. What are you trying to achieve? A glam look? Or maybe a vintage one? Punk rock? Choose the jewelry items accordingly and don’t mix and match with the styles.



  1. Proportions, proportions, proportions

We know, we just can’t say this enough, but it is crucial to get the right proportions. For example, if your wrists are thin and delicate, they will look crushed by a set of chunky statement bracelets. On the other side, if you are not exactly on the petite side, a small little bracelet will barely be visible. Always consider the proportions before accessorizing, once you’re done with this, let your imagination run wild!



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