The Ins + Outs of Statement Jewelry

Let’s talk about statement jewelry. The variety of the materials used and models are impressive, as is the demand for this type of jewelry, but for you to wear it and look fabulous, we need to establish some ground rules. Otherwise, there is always the risk of looking awkward instead of sensational.

Statement jewelry pieces have the unique ability to allow women to step out the anonymity grounds and define their personal fashion style as unique, daring and awesome. Any outfit can technically become a fashion masterpiece if accessorized properly with statement jewelry items. Master this art, and your outfits will never be anything less than glamorous or stylish ever again.
The statement jewelry pieces have been around for hundreds of years; they are not a novelty. What changed over the years is the array of the materials used as well as the multitude of styles that they cover now, from romantic to vintage, steampunk or even Victorian.

Before welcoming the statement jewelry pieces in our treasure chest, we will need to find out what style goes well with our personality, wardrobe and of course, the event we are planning to attend.

The personality type

These jewelry items are not for the fainted hearted, the ones hiding behind the curtains at social events or the shy. Or, many it, if they plan to change all that in one evening. The statement jewelry was created for the bold and the daring, the fashion trendsetter, the passionate woman.

The size of the statement jewelry

Make no mistakes; the statement jewelry items are massive, as this is their role, to attract attention! But big in size doesn’t mean heavy too. Avoid jewelry items that feel like a burden on your shoulders and always consider your body frame when choosing statement necklaces. If you are petite, long necklaces might be an unwise option for you, but fabulous bracelets will do the trick instead.


Atelier Versace Statement Necklace


How to wear:

Never wear together the statement necklace with chandelier earrings, unless you are starring in a fairy tale Disney movie. Less is more, always keep this in mind when wearing the statement necklace. Pair the statement necklace with minimalist accessories for a maximum visual impact. At the same time, monochrome outfits are best worn with the statement necklace.


Types of statement jewelry:

  1. The short statement necklace: wear it with turtlenecks or wide round neckline blouses or dresses.
    The main idea is not to interrupt the curved line of the necklace.
  2. The long statement necklace: can be worn with pretty much all types of necklines, but never with a belt.
    It is also recommended for the petites to stay away from it, or to adjust it for their body frame.
  3. The statement bracelets: usually worn with blouses or dresses with short or ¾ sleeves.
  4. The statement earrings: avoid wearing them with massive necklaces or your hair down. An up hairdo is usually recommended for the earrings to show off.



What are your favorite statement jewelry items?




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