How to Choose a Necklace Depending on your Neckline

An accessory chosen with knowledge and good taste can transform a simple outfit into a “wow” one. But, at the same time, if your options for jewelry are random and not taking into consideration any fashion rules, you can end up with a fashion faux-pas on your hands.

Whatever you fashion style might be (classic, vintage, casual or modern), more sober or more elegant, jewelry should not miss from your wardrobe. Choosing the right jewelry item for each occasion or a special attire is an art, especially if we are talking about necklaces. An interesting, unusual necklace can refresh your look by bringing a youthful vibe to it. And, in most cases, a well-chosen necklace can enhance your natural beauty, but you will need to know how to pick the right necklace for the neckline you are wearing.


The V-neck

It is the type of neckline that will look good on anyone and is suitable for all body shapes because it prolongs the neckline and accentuates the oval of the face. This is also the reason you don’t want to cover it with a massive necklace. You will want your cleavage to be the center of attention, so choosing a small pendant is the best choice. Round necklaces are not recommended for this type of neckline, but if you want to wear more jewelry, you can always go for a special bracelet.

rihanna vneck

The Turtleneck

The turtleneck seems to have been invented for women with small shoulders and long neck. The visual effect of this neckline is to give more contour to the face and to attenuate the hard lines of the face and body. Stay away from it if your face is too round or too square as it won’t be the best choice for you. Wear long necklaces (the longest you have!) with it. Oversized leather and metal necklaces will look absolutely fabulous with the turtleneck; you just can’t go wrong with this mix.


Buttoned Up Shirt

When wearing a shirt like this, the attention is already focused on your face. In order not to interrupt the neckline and because there is not much space available to play with, choose a short necklace. A delicate pendant is a right choice to accessorize this outfit if you are the conservatory type, but if you are a fashion trendsetter, you will wear no less than a choker or a Signature Graduated 18 Inch Necklace.

kim kardashian statement necklace

There is such a fine line in between remarkable and ordinary… Sometimes, all it takes is a well-chosen necklace, and you will be remembered for quite some time, as well as seen as a fashion icon. With a little knowledge, a lot of passion and our fabulous jewelry items, you can create memorable outfits that put all the attention on you, as soon as you enter a room. Wear the necklaces to the office, to your first date with the man you might just fall in love with or taking your kids to kindergarten and you will look fantastic every single time.

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