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With early interests in architecture and engineering, coupled with a degree in business management, Terrence Michael found his passion when he began working in the fashion accessories business. Based in New York City, and traveling the world for leading fashion brands he found his true calling working directly with designers and manufacturers to help make a Designer’s vision a reality.

Innovation in new product development, focusing on simplistic and sophisticated design, always brought great excitement to his workday.  Looking for new ways to mix leather and jewelry, Terrence Michael developed these solid leather links.


Terrence Michael is proud to present his first collection:  Leather Links.

These chains, that are Design Patent Pending, have a simplistic natural beauty that provides a versatile element to everyone’s accessories collection.  Belts, headbands, ties, necklaces and bracelets are all options. They can be worn with ease and comfort. They are lightweight with a substantial appearance.  Leather Links can be worn not only as a casual accessory, but also in a professional environment or a night out on the town.

When you shop at Terrence Michael, you will receive a one of a kind product. All Terrence Michael jewelry is hand crafted and every piece offers its own unique characteristics. This is what makes our leather links so special.

Terrence Michael believes everyone has a personal style and these Leather Links allow each person to express their individuality, and to be who they are. For collaborations contact Roger LeFevre