5 Catwalk Trends Translated to Day to Day Attire

Do you love the new catwalk trends for this season but you just don’t know how it could be possible to wear them daily? While some trends are difficult to approach for day to day attire, others are very flexible and can be translated into fabulous outfits.

You will rarely be able to get an outfit featured on the catwalk and wear it as it is. Unless you are going to a Red Carpet event, of course. While a whole catwalk outfit might be difficult to accommodate for your everyday wear, there are still items that can be integrated into your casual outfits or even trends that you can adjust and adapt according to your personality and personal fashion style.

Here are five catwalk trends that are very wearable right now:

  1. Gingham

The gingham print is a classic trend you should wear this season. It is unlikely it will go out of fashion anytime soon, so you better get comfortable with it. What you can do is wear a midi skirt with gingham print and a black cashmere turtleneck sweater for a fabulous preppy look. A gingham dress with an A-line cut will also look great when worn with ankle high boots and a structural cut blazer.


  1. The 70s style

If you are a fan of the bohemian chic style, you must already own a lot of elements from that decade. For all the others that would like to welcome the 70s into their wardrobe, you can start taking small steps like a suede bag with fringe, a pair of flared jeans, or a floral printed skirt worn with a square heel. These are all safe choices, so don’t worry about getting it wrong – it is nearly impossible!


  1. Bold colors

They look amazing on the catwalks and it is so easy to fall in love with their brightness and courage, but how do you get the boldness and inspiration to wear them daily? Minimalist cuts and wearing just one bold color at a time can help integrate them to your wardrobe and casual attire. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can try level 2 – which would be a color block on different items or a dress with a classic cut.


  1. Stripes and more stripes

Here is another print that is very popular nowadays, whatever the season might be. This spring the vertical, very visible stripes are the element that will get you noticed everywhere you go. So how about a pair of slim pants with a stripe pattern worn with black stilettos and a simple white blouse? It is an outfit very easy to put together; you can wear it for work and fun too, and the vertical stripes will make your legs look longer. What’s not to like here?


  1. Suede

You can consider it as a part of the 70s trend or on its own. Suede boots are very cool and have been for many years now, so it’s not difficult to get some suede into your daily outfits. Wear suede boots with a mini A-line dress or even a mini skirt with dark, contrasting tights. You can also trade the leather jacket for a short suede jacket. A suede dress or vest are easier to wear items that can find a place in your daily attire.

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