10 Style Tips from the Fashion Bloggers

When it comes to fashion and style, there are always things to discover and experiment with, and we think fashion bloggers are amazing at doing exactly this. So why not have a look at their personal fashion styles to get some tips and tricks? Here are probably the most important fashion tricks all women should know about:

  1. Deodorant stains on blouses and t-shirts will disappear if you rub them with a denim cloth. Sounds funny but it’s highly effective, we tried this ourselves.
  2. Refresh your wardrobe by using this simple method: arrange all the hangers to face in one direction and as soon as you wear the clothes put them on the hanger facing the other way. At the end of the season (or even after one month) you can get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn. It will be easy to spot them as they will still be facing the original direction.
  3. If you care deeply for your shoes made out of textile fibers, rub them with beeswax and then dry them with a hair dryer before taking them for a walk in the rain. This way they will become waterproof and have a longer lasting life.
  4. Do you need to iron your clothes when you are away on holiday and don’t have any options at hand? How about a ceramic hair straightener? You can use it to get the wrinkles out of your favorite piece of clothing, and it will be ready in no time.
  5. Do you like vintage clothes, but can’t stand the smell of them? Buying good quality vintage doesn’t necessarily mean it will come out smelling of roses, so we thought you would appreciate a tip to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Mix in a bowl one part vodka, one part tap water, and spray it on the clothes. This should take care of the smell. If you don’t keep vodka in the house, try the baking powder instead of the alcohol! The result should be similar.
  6. Never wear fake designer jewelry or handbags. It is so easy to tell them apart if you are a fashion lover, the embarrassment is just not worth the trouble. Invest in good quality accessories; they are the true mark of a stylish lady.
  7. If you want your swimming suit to stay on exactly how you put it on, spray hair fixative on the sides of the panties and the bra. This way it will stick to your skin, and you will look fabulous walking down the beach.
  8. The same hair fixative spray can be used to make sure your hosiery doesn’t suffer any accidents when wearing them on a busy day at work.
  9. Do you need a boost of self-confidence? Wear the most exquisite items of lingerie you own and you will be impressed with what it can do for your posture and mind frame!

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